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About Chad Meredith

Chad is excited to be a part of the Ion Real Estate team and is looking forward to having the opportunity to work for you! Chad has many likes, and his varied interests keep him busy experiencing life. In addition to his Real Estate career Chad helps his wife at their dance studio and nurturing their daughter. Chad and his family enjoy spending time with their dog and two cats, experiencing the great outdoors, traveling, trying new cuisine, attending performing arts events, and participating in community organizations. Chad and his wife believe that the greatest gift is giving back. Most importantly, Chad is passionate about meeting different people like you! He knows that no one can ever feel the same way you do about your home. A home is where memories are made and relationships are built. Your home becomes a reflection of you and your family, friends, and experiences. The experience of moving and finding a new home should be as unique as your relationship with that home is. If you believe that Heart + House = Home, just ask Chad Meredith.

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